Taxing Just Got Better with Checkmark CFO

Navigate your tax journey with precision and expertise. CheckMarkCFO offers unrivaled tax services to secure your financial future.

Unwavering Accuracy

Ensuring meticulous accuracy and optimizing returns with professional tax preparation.

Strategic Financial Health

Committing to minimize your tax liabilities and enhance savings through comprehensive planning.

Effective Dispute Resolution

Expertly resolving tax disputes to secure fair outcomes, advocating on your behalf.

Services focused on maximizing your tax savings

Tax Filing

Delve into tax season with confidence as CheckMarkCFO’s professional filing services meticulously prepare and optimize your tax returns. Our expert team not only aims for accuracy but also strategizes to uncover potential savings, maximizing your returns and transforming tax filing from a chore into an opportunity.

Tax Planning

CheckMarkCFO elevates tax planning to an art form, crafting bespoke strategies that not only navigate the present tax landscape but also anticipate future changes. Our approach ensures that every financial decision today serves your long-term financial health, minimizing liabilities and enhancing your wealth accumulation strategy.

Tax Dispute Resolution

Facing the IRS can be daunting, but with CheckMarkCFO’s expert dispute resolution team by your side, you’ll navigate the process with confidence. Our strategic advocacy focuses on securing fair and favorable outcomes, leveraging deep tax law knowledge and negotiation expertise to defend your rights and resolve disputes efficiently.

Our process


Discovery Call

Initiate with a Discovery Call: A deep dive into your financial world to tailor our tax services to your unique needs and goals.


Document Gathering

Streamlined Document Collection: We guide you through a hassle-free process of compiling essential documents, setting the stage for precision and accuracy.


Strategy & Preparation

Strategic Preparation: Leveraging our tax expertise, we develop a personalized approach for your tax filings, aiming to optimize every detail for maximum benefit.


Review and File

Comprehensive Review and Filing: Prior to submission, we meticulously review your filings with you to ensure every line aligns with our strategic plan, ensuring compliance and optimization.

We are here to address any questions you may have as you implement your plan. Additionally, for clients seeking an ongoing partnership, we provide comprehensive Financial Planning. Schedule a consultation to get started.